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Real estate Video

Our partner in real estate video and cinematography is : Costa Rica Cinematography, here is what they have to say:
We have been producing Full High Definition real estate video in Costa Rica for the last 5 years and we are well experienced in either Big Scale Developments as well as Luxury Homes and Apartments. We know that in Real Estate after the famous “location, location, location” what matters is the capacity to take your clients to your properties, villas and condos and in order to do so you need to convince them over internet most of the times. The best way to create the right interest and excitement of your clients in a Real Estate investment is the photography in both still and motion pictures that takes your client to that amazing sunset, to picture themselves in that comfortable hammock while drinking a perfect cocktail, that photography that inspires your client to think that life can be better than ever imagined and your Estate will be the beginning of that. Give us the opportunity to print that feeling in our work and increase the value of your Development or Investment with amazing angles surrounded by light in each room.
We also offer the staging of your Villa or condominium with Bidrop creation owner and designer Mandy Bel.
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Real Estate photography for another service offered for the industry.

Bidrop Photography and Video in Costa Rica. Professional image making.