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New website, new blog...

New website, new blog…

...really soon new computer, after  some new pocket wizards and a lot of new smaller photography gadgets...

So 2012 is a big time for changement and that is all good with me, I had so much work since last November that I could not even update the blog with all the weddings shot, all the new condo and beautiful villas we have done during the dry season... Portrait session and more personal projects that I try to fit in, but I keep faith in the fact that I will do, at least with some of the photography session shots.

I am just back from a wedding in Arenal, and right after my shooting time (quite rainny...) I saw that the sky got clear and the Arenal volcano stands beautifully under the milky way:

The photo need a lot more retouch to be perfect, but as said I am really short on time.

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