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For fashion designers in Costa Rica, the question is whether to sell you product or sell Costa Rica. We think you can do both, but we want to do what you want to do. With Costa Rica fashion photography it’s all about the best light, in the right environment. We’ll work with you to reach the outcome you desire, whether that environment should be in the pura vida wild or in the comfort of a studio. No matter what, BiDrop’s professional team of photographers and videographers will bring out the best in your products.



There is a good reason many models like to be photographed in Costa Rica. Like the endless beautiful locations, this country is brimming with beautiful people. As a model, your goal is to stand out from the crowd. BiDrop can help you do that. Whether you desire portraits or photojournalistic shots, we are experts in Costa Rica model photography so we’ve got you covered. We can get anywhere you want to shoot, in any weather. We can get you from any angle, even from the sky above. We’re gonna give you the edge you want, with photos that capture the best of you.


What Costa Rica provides, we leverage for you or your product. You’re in the perfect place for options. The key is separating you from the competition, who is trying to do that same thing. That’s where your team of experienced professionals from BiDrop comes in. Let us help you scout the right place in Costa Rica to tell your story.

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